My classes are suitable for all levels.


Classes begin at the times stated in class schedule, so please arrive a little earlier to find a space & get settled (especially for the first class when you’ll need to fill out a “physical activity readiness questionnaire”).


We begin with a short relaxation & positive reading to set the theme for the class. We then practice warm up postures, before moving into the full postures. We finish with a breathing exercise, followed by a longer relaxation with guided visualisation. If you have a blanket, it's handy to bring one with you for this portion of the class.


Wear something comfortable that you can move well in, and wear layers so you can remove or add according to temperature.


Please bring a mat with you. If you don’t have one straight away, I do have some spare mats, but these are available on a “first come first served” basis.


Don't have anything heavy to eat for at least an hour beforehand & bring a drink of water with you so you can stay hydrated during the class.


If you have further questions, please contact me

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